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My 03 Altima wasn’t running and they took me in the same day I called! They found out that what I thought to be the transmission was actually the mass airflow sensor that needed replacing. They ordered the part and got it back up and running by the next day! They also replaced one of my headlight bulbs and topped off my coolant. They were quick and friendly and their pricing was great! I will definitely recommend Bozeman community auto to my friends!

Brianne S

My car had been having problems with a loud noise coming from the back of my car and had been overheating frequently. The first mechanic I went to spent a little time going over what could possibly be wrong with my car, did very little inspection, and came to the conclusion that I needed to replace my transmission. I’m a commuting student heavily dependent on a working car so this was a huge issue. I decided to get a second opinion on my car. I got ahold of Eric and thank goodness I did! He got me in an hour after I called to see what was wrong with my car and he located multiple problems and he got the parts and fixed it all! I cannot even express in words how much I recommend this auto shop! I will definitely be back for any and all car repairs/maintenance I need!

Eric is very honest as to what is wrong with your vehicle and he will also take the time to physically show you what is wrong if possible. He also answers any and all questions or concerns you have about your vehicle. All prices were more than fair and I can assure you for the quality of work Eric does, there is no better deal in Bozeman! Hands down the best car shop in Bozeman! Thank you Eric and Lisa for all you did to help me and my car out! You guys rock!”

Alice R

Superb service on my vehicle, including brakes and electrical work. Professional, made me feel like I was the most important client ever.

Martha M

This shop is amazing! I called around to every shop in Bozeman and they were all booked for the next several days. Eric, the mechanic at community auto repair was booked as well, but he made it a point to rearrange his schedule to work on my car. I needed a thermostat and a wheel bearing and Eric changed them in no time at all while my girlfriend and I waited in the shop. The quality of work done was A+ (I was right there and could watch Eric work) and the overall cost of repairs couldn’t be beat! I would definitely return to this shop again and I would recommend this garage wholeheartedly.

Robert S

This July, my car started making some strange noises while turning less than a week before I was planning ongoing on vacation. Luckily, Bozeman Community Auto was able to check out the car the day after I called to make an appointment, the day I was planning on leaving for vacation. While the noises I was hearing were not a problem, the mechanic, Eric, discovered a more serious issue with a bearing in the transmission. Luckily, they were able to replace the bearing while I waited on the same day, ensuring that I could leave when I had originally planned. Overall great service and commitment to getting their customers where they want to be!

Rochelle S

When my daughter reported an unusual sound from the front end of our van and me being 15 hours away, I only could think the worst. By chance we had an ad from a local paper with their phone number, and decided to try them. Prompt service at a very reasonable price, and easy to deal with over the phone. Thank you so much!

Daryl S

It was July 3rd, 2014, and I was in dire straits on my way from Denver, CO to the Emerald City (Seattle, WA). I was in Bozeman, MT on the morning of the last day of my trek. I had stopped for gas when I noticed fluid spewing out from my engine. All the coolant had gushed out of my radiator from a hose that had been sliced open by the engine’s fan; a problem that was caused by a repair the day previous, from a different mechanic in Sheridan, WY. I needed a mechanic immediately. Panicked, I went to the nearest shop I could find in Bozeman. They unfortunately were all booked up and couldn’t help me. And, it was July 3rd…if I didn’t get it fixed that day I would be stuck minimum through the weekend. That’s when I called Bozeman Community Auto and spoke with the lovely Lisa. I explained my plight, and she said to bring it in, they would get to it promptly. I added some leftover coolant to the radiator and hobbled over to their garage on Gilkerson, which wasn’t far from where I had broken down, thankfully. Not only was a met with two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but their three pups gave me a welcome as well. We conversed briefly while Eric began investigating the issue, and I was tickled to learn that Eric and Lisa were in fact from Denver, and had only recently moved to Bozeman, MT. Eric completed the repair in a timely fashion, and did a full and thorough inspection to make sure my engine had the gusto to drive the remaining 700 miles. And it did. Thank you, Eric and Lisa!

Micah B

Very happy with the way they saved me money on a repair I had estimated somewhere else at a much higher cost. Very friendly and fair. †hey are keeping my old suburban running and I thank them for it.

Randy W

By far the best experience I have ever had with an auto repair shop! I have a 1996 Chevy, that I LOVE, but with older vehicles come difficult decisions. I spent weeks taking my truck to get diagnosed by different shops, always leaving frustrated and with that pit in my stomach. I was even considering selling it and getting a newer vehicle! I met Eric and Lisa at the dog park and he told me to bring my truck in the next day (and they are open till 6pm!). After bringing my truck in to them I was quoted a lower price and always kept in the loop with what was going on and if there were any issues. They helped me out in every way possible and were so nice. Eric put hours into my truck! My truck runs great now, transmission fixed, front end work, leaks fixed, oil changed, other things that I don’t fully understand done. And he fixed little things for me like my mirror and my radio!

I have found a mechanic that I can trust, yes I said trust and mechanic in the same sentence, and I met two of the nicest people. They really cared about helping me and in turn found a lifetime customer. I will never take my vehicle anywhere else. I mean I was so happy my boyfriend had to hear me talk about how beautiful my truck ran and sounded for DAYS after I got it back.

I can promise you that Eric will be 100% honest and upfront with you about any problem your vehicle is having. And Lisa always has a smile on her face to brighten your day. You can’t go wrong supporting a local business ran by great people like these!”

Kamerin O

Bozeman Community Auto is hands down the best car repair shop in Bozeman. I’ve had 2 cars serviced there and each time had dealership quality work done for a fraction of the price. Eric and Lisa are honest and will spend the time to explain or show you what is going on with your vehicle. I wouldn’t take my cars to anyone else in Bozeman.

Shane C
ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician 12 Month 12,000 Mile Warranty International Automotive Technicians Network Angie's List Technet Professional